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Connecting with customers takes skill.

Making contact with a customer through an online ad, social media channel, or a referral is only the beginning of building a bond.

It takes true Glu to stand out from the crowd and to connect with customers. When you speak with authenticity, how and where customers want to hear from you… there’s connection.


Investing in your customers is profitable.

On average it cost 5x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Identifying and nurturing relationships with loyal and VIP customers can lead to great returns. Loyal customers help to attract new customers through positive reviews, word-of-mouth, and more. It pays dividends to nurture and h
onour your customer connections.

“Customer retention increases profits (by up to 95%)”

Forbes | Bain & Co.

Attracting & retaining customers starts with strategy.

Let Glu Social be your guide. Our knowledgeable specialists will help you to discover and implement online (digital) and offline (traditional) strategies, to attract and engage customers and to keep them.

With 20+ years of combined experience working in Canada and internationally in digital and traditional marketing, advertising, and content design we are ready to help you take your business and customer connections to the next level.

To schedule a free introductory consultation with a Glu specialist, email to: or submit your contact information through the form below.

Customer Experience – SYNERGY SURVEY

The Synergy Survey was developed by Glu Social – to discover synergies between Canadian businesses and their customers.  

Based on the survey findings, content and tools will be developed and made available to Canadian businesses, to encourage and support stronger bonds with customers.  To participate in the survey – please submit your email address through the contact form below, and mention “Synergy Survey” in the message box.

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